Vaping Vs Smoking

Vaping Vs Smoking

The history of smoking dates back to as early as 5000 B.C. in which the consumption of tobacco was used for shamanic ritual and daily life. Today we understand that tobacco can be harmful to our health but we still choose to partake of that herb.  Now, when it comes to smoking a commercial cigarette there are a list of harmful additives and chemicals that are found in most brands that  makes smoking even more harmful to our customers health.

Tar – which is a collective term for various particles that have a wide variety of carcinogens – the smoke of tobacco cigarettes contains thousands of harmful chemicals, at least 70 of which have been proven to be cancer-causing agents. When these chemicals enter your body, they impact every organ they come in contact with, and several organs they don’t even come in direct contact with.

It has been established that smoking can cause all sorts of diseases, from minor health issues like a cough to lethal disorders like lung cancer and heart diseases. In fact, smoking tobacco is the biggest avoidable cause of death around the globe. According to, smoking kills about six million people around the world every single year, with at least 30% of the deaths caused by cancer and other lethal diseases as a result of smoking.

An American man by the name of Herbert Gilbert invented the first ever smokeless non-tobacco cigarette. The idea was to replace burning paper and tobacco with flavored steam, or vapor, that contains nicotine. It wasn’t until 2003 that this product actually hit the market thanks to a man by the name of Hon Lik from China who was able to successfully market the product.

The jury is still out as to whether or not vaping is safe or healthy, however most people would agree that it is a much healthier and safer alternative to traditional cigarettes . It is also relatively new to the market, only hitting the mainstream since the mid 2000’s. Because it hasn’t been a part of the public consciousness for as long as cigarette smoking, there is a lot that people and even smokers do not understand about it.

E-Liquids contain 4 main ingredients: propylene glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, flavorings, and nicotine (optional)

Commercial Cigarettes contain over 4000 carcinogenic compounds including:

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  •  Ammonia: Household cleaner
  • Angelica root extract: Known to cause cancer in animals
  •  Arsenic: Used in rat poisons
  •  Benzene: Used in making dyes, synthetic rubber
  •  Butane: Gas; used in lighter fluid
  •  Carbon monoxide: Poisonous gas
  • Cadmium: Used in batteries
  •  Cyanide: Deadly poison
  •  DDT: A banned insecticide
  •  Ethyl Furoate: Causes liver damage in animals
  •  Lead: Poisonous in high doses
  •  Formaldehyde: Used to preserve dead specimens
  •  Methoprene: Insecticide
  •  Megastigmatrienone: Chemical naturally found in grapefruit juice
  • Maltitol: Sweetener for diabetics
  • Naphthalene: Ingredient in mothballs
  • Fungicides and pesticides: Cause many types of cancers and birth defects.
  • Cadmium: Linked to lung and prostate cancer.
  • Benzene: Linked to leukemia.
  • Formaldehyde: Linked to lung cancer.
  • Nickel: Causes increased susceptibility to lung infections.
  • Methyl Isocyanate: Its accidental release killed 2,000 people in Bhopal, India
  • Polonium: Cancer-causing radioactive element also used in the “Fat Man” implosion type nuclear warhead used on Nagasaki

It is up to you to decide which  is safer for your body smoking or vaping…[/fancy-ul]

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